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It might just be the quickest proposal AND quickest magazine-deal ever! Tell and Sell Stories approached Wendy and Rod to ask them whether they wanted to sell their story, and that week we'd got them a deal with the weekly real-life magazine, Chat.

The couple met on Farmville and that same day, Rod proposed! They were thrilled to share their story and that it made the magazine's front cover!

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Here's a bit about Rod and Wendy's story:

When Wendy, 70, and Rod, 52, got chatting on Farmville, they hit it off straightaway and Rod made a joke proposal.

His idea wasn't that far-fetched however, as they fell for each other instantly. But there was a hitch - they lived almost 5,000 MILES apart.

Just weeks later, Wendy paid for Rod's flight to the UK.

It was love at first sight and Wendy suggested they get married for real.

Rod gave up everything to move to the UK for good, and the two cyber-fanatics are now married and happier than ever.

When Rod lost his job, he spent his days looking online for another one. Then one day, he got bored and saw a lot of his friends were playing Farmville on Facebook. He had a go and it wasn’t long before he was hooked.

Days later, he asked the Farmville community for a bushel (basket of crops/fruit) to use in the game. And it’s lucky he did…

He says: ‘I needed a bushel and then a message popped up from someone saying she had one and would give it to me. In response I said, ‘Thank you, will you marry me?’ It was a joke, but little did I know I would be saying it for real to her in just a few week’s time.’

Rod and Wendy exchanged messages over the online game and then began video-chatting. But there was a problem - Rod lived in Kansas, USA, and Wendy lived in Aldershot.

Wendy says: ‘I suggested Rod fly over and visit, but he told me he was broke. So I offered to pay for him and posted him a wod of cash.'

When Rod arrived in the UK and they met for the first time, it really was love at first sight. Despite the 18 year age-gap, they got on brilliantly and within a couple of weeks Wendy suggested they actually get married. Having been single for 20 years and feeling like a lovestruck teenager, Rod jumped at the chance.

He says: ‘I knew straightaway she was the love of my life. So I went home, sold my house and told my kids I was leaving. They weren’t best pleased at first, but they soon came round.’

Once Rod was back in the UK, he proposed properly and the couple got married in Aldershot register office.

Now they have been married for three years and they thank Farmville every day for bringing them together.

Wendy says: ‘I’m so glad I offered to help Rod on the game that day. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found The One. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

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