• Julia Sidwell

Pregnant and paralysed and my six-year-old daughter saved my life

In today’s Sunday Mirror, you can read my story about amazing little Ella, who saved the life of her mother and her baby brother - who hadn’t even been born yet. When Joanne had a stroke while driving she was terrified she would die, meaning her unborn baby would also die too - she was six months pregnant at the time. But she needn’t have worried thanks to her quick-thinking six-year-old daughter Ella, who jumped into the front seat to get her mum’s phone and called her nan to tell her what was happening. She couldn’t read but she phonetically spelt out the name on a nearby street sign, meaning the ambulance found them within minutes and rushed Joanne to hospital. I find it fascinating how children can cope in such stressful situations and how they instinctively know what to do. Well done Ella! #stroke #sundaymirror #sellmystory


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