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I first wrote Suzanne Holdsworth's story when she had a surprise baby just three months after she tied the knot. Now I've written her story for the MailOnline and The Sun about her SECOND surprise baby - Suzanne didn't realise she was expecting until she was seven months gone! #surprisebabies #weddingshock #sellmystory#mailonline

Suzanne Holdsworth The MailOnline

A mother-of-five who only discovered she was pregnant with her fourth child when she went into labour, welcomed a second surprise baby only finding out she was pregnant seven months in.

Suzanne Holdsworth, 34, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, had continued to have periods and had even lost weight during her fourth pregnancy.

And just a couple of years later got another surprise when she discovered she was expecting a fifth child seven months into the pregnancy.

Back in 2015 With her wedding to fiance Chris, 44, looming Suzanne had been desperately trying to slim down, admitting she was determined not to be a 'fat bride.'

Suzanne Holdsworth had no idea that she was pregnant with her fourth child Leora until she went into labour.

Suzanne Holdsworth The Sun

She took a 'funny turn' one day and paramedics expected that she had a burst appendix before delivering.

She explained: 'After six years together, Chris had proposed and I had accepted.

'I was thrilled at the thought of getting married. But there was a snag.

'Over the years, my weight had crept up and now I was 13 stone and took a size 16.

'I wanted to be slimmer for the wedding so I started to diet. Chris encouraged me by buying me a cross trainer for my birthday.'

But unaware that she was expecting, Suzanne continued to drink ahead of her nuptials.

She said: 'I was partial to a glass of white wine and so I continued to meet my mum Kathy in the pub a couple of times a week for a tipple.

'Then Chris and I would have a few drinks at the weekend to unwind.'

A three years later she noticed that she had missed a period and was told by doctors that she was seven months pregnant.

Struggling to find a wedding dress Suzanne finally found her dream gown online but admits she wanted to lose another stone before her big day.

She said: 'I was a bride on a mission. I bought tablets to suppress my appetite and ramped up my exercise regime. I even used the kids as weights.'

The mother's hard work pulled off and she saw the weight slipping off her in the final count down before the big day.

She said: 'Six months before our big day, I had my dress taken in to fit my new figure. The bodice had a lace-up back so I knew that if I lost a little more, I could simply pull it tighter.

'Every morning without fail, I stepped on the bathroom scales, and with every pound I lost, the more determined I became.

Suzanne has actually lost two stone during her pregnancy with Leora, so much that her wedding dress had been too big despite her being six weeks pregnant.

'By the time the morning of the wedding rolled around I’d lost more than two stone.'

In fact Suzanne had lost so much weight that her dream dress proved too big by the time it came for her to walk down the aisle.

She recalled: 'My dream dress was two sizes too big and the bodice gaped at the sides. Even when we laced it up as tightly as possible it was still baggy.

'We did our best to pin it. It didn’t fit like I’d wanted but part of me was rather pleased because it meant I’d exceeded my weight loss target.'

The couple were married at a hotel in the Lake District in July 2015 in front of 60 of their closest friends and family with their son, Joshua, as pageboy while daughters Emelye and Poppy, were flower girls.

Suzanne began to show a bump in the final two months of her pregnancy with Araya

Suzanne is now considering having a coil fitted as she isn't ready for any more surprises

Celebrating Suzanne enjoyed several drinks. She said: 'The waiters kept my glass topped up with prosecco. I kept sipping away but I didn’t feel the slightest bit tipsy.

'I started on the vodka and the drinks continued to flow all night.'

Following the wedding Suzanne returned to her life as a busy mum, claiming she had 'extra energy' thanks to her weight loss.

But after one morning, she took a funny turn after dropping the children off at school.

She said: 'I started to feel queasy and I had a strange pain in my tummy. I had a bath but it didn’t help. And then I was sick.'

Chris phoned for an ambulance but the paramedics weren’t sure what was wrong with Suzanne though they expected a burst appendix.

Suzanne explained: 'I let out an almighty scream and all I could do was point down at the trousers I was still wearing.

'The paramedic helped me whip off my trousers. When I looked up, my mouth flapped open in shock. He was now holding a baby.

'It took me a second to realise it was mine.'

Suzanne had continued to drink during her pregnancy with Leora, unaware that she was expecting

With both parents still in shock the umbilical cord was unwrapped from around the baby girl's neck.

Suzanne said: 'A shocked silence descended on my bedroom and I contemplated what had happened. I’d just given birth without even knowing I was pregnant.

'I cast my mind back over the previous few months. Instead of gaining weight and a bump, I’d lost two stone. I’d drunk alcohol and had exercised like a maniac.

'I worked out I must have been six months gone on our wedding day when my frock was too big for me.'

The couple and their newborn were taken to hospital, where both baby and mother were checked over. She weighed 5lbs 8oz.

The mother said: 'I kept going over the last nine months in my head. I’d still had periods and I hadn’t felt the slightest bit tired. In fact, I’d had more energy than ever.

'The night before the birth I’d been up a ladder painting the walls, and I’d scrubbed the stairs within an inch of their lives.'

The couple named our baby Leora and stayed in hospital overnight before returning home to their family.

The couple hadn’t been expecting to expand our family and had given away their old baby bits but friends and family rallied round to get them the essentials.

But little did they know, they were in for yet another surprise just a year later.

In May 2018, Suzanne was busy planning several birthday parties and was making a birthday cake for her brother-in-law.

Suzanne said: 'I remember feeling absolutely exhausted as I made it. I felt a bit unwell, but I put it down to being a tired and busy mum-of-four.

'Weeks afterwards, I had a camping trip coming up and knowing there was a swimming pool there, I bought a new blue and white striped bikini to try on.

'I had gained a few pounds since my weight-loss, but I thought I looked alright in it so I decided to keep it.'

It didn't dawn on Suzanne that she could be pregnant again until a few days later.

She explained: 'I realised my period was late. I waited a couple of weeks thinking it would come eventually, but it didn’t. That’s when it crossed my mind – could I be pregnant?

'I went out and bought a pregnancy test and later, as I watched the second line appear on the test, my heart started racing and my hands were shaking.

'I figured I must only be a month gone and a week later, I went for a private scan.

'When the sonographer smoothed the scanner over me, looked at her screen and went quiet, I started worrying.

'Then she said: "It looks like you’re around seven months pregnant." I thought I was going to pass out.'

'Chris and I hadn’t even been trying yet we were about to have a second surprise baby! I’d had absolutely no idea but as I looked back, I realised why I had been feeling a bit queasy and was more tired than usual.

'I’d thought I’d been getting my periods each month, which turned out to be irregular bleeding.

'After I’d got over the initial shock, I was grateful I had two months to prepare unlike last time. But because I’d given away all our baby things, I had to buy everything all over again.

'I had a couple more appointments and the midwife and doctor worked out I must have conceived some time in February 2018. They couldn’t put an exact date on how many weeks pregnant I was, but they assured me the baby looked healthy.

In October 2018, when she was around 38 weeks, Suzanne was induced and had a very intense hour of labour before giving birth to a girl, Araya.

'She weighed 6lb 11oz. I was in absolute awe of her, she was beautiful. But I couldn’t quite believe I was a mum-of-five' said Suzanne.

'Araya is now 10 weeks old and all of my kids love her, especially Leora, three. She dotes on her all the time, helps me change her nappy, fetches her clothes for me and feeds her with a bottle.

'Now I’m considering having the coil to prevent another pregnancy. I absolutely adore all five of my children, but I don’t think I could handle yet another surprise.'

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