• Julia Sidwell

My baby had a STROKE

After giving birth to Bethany, Alice was a busy mum just like any other. She spent an amazing year with her daughter and had been back at work four weeks when she got a phone call she would never forget - Bethany had suffered a stroke at just 13 months old, something Alice had always associated with the older generation. After a further stroke and life-saving surgery, Bethany had to re-learn the milestones she had previously mastered - rolling over, bum-shuffling, crawling, pulling herself up and cruising. Alice doesn't know if her daughter will ever walk but watching her become mobile is more special this time around, because she knows what Bethany has been through to get here. I've been working with charity The Stroke Association - @thestrokeassociation - to help spread the word about stroke and how to recognise when it's happening. I wrote Alice and Bethany's story for Woman magazine #stroke #raisingawareness#sellmystory #reallifestories #womanmagazine

Alice Comben, baby has stroke

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