• Julia Sidwell

We LOVE our two gay dads!

Do you live with same-sex parents? Got an unusual family set-up? Tell and Sell Stories worked with Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow and their twin son and daughter to place an EXCLUSIVE in The Sun about what life is like with two gay dads.

Millionaire couple Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow are well known for being the UK's first gay dads. They chose Tell and Sell Stories to represent them and their family when their eldest twins, Saffron and Aspen, spoke out exclusively to The Sun. The twins, who are 16 this year, talked about growing up with two dads, battling the bigots and their plans for their own families. Saffron said: 'Now I'm older, my friends think it's cool having two dads, and as dads go, they're pretty fun.' She added: 'My daddy Barrie always says, 'Gays are better parents because they don't have kids by accident,' and I agree. It makes sense.' Dads Barrie, 43, and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, 52, met in 1987 when Tony stopped at a petrol station in Manchester to ask for directions. They came under public scrutiny when, in 1999, after a landmark ruling, they hired two American women, egg donor Tracie and surrogate Rosalind, to create the twins who were born in California. I went to see the family in person and found them to be warm and welcoming - no different to how I'd imagined them to be, even though they'd previously had bad press. The family have been in the media many times before, talking about their desire to have more kids - they now have five - and to allow photographers inside their wedding day. Barrie and Tony wed on the weekend that same-sex marriages became legal in March 2014. The negative press they have received has included publications questioning their parenting skills, as well as articles stating their children are the most spoilt kids in Britain. Therefore, the family were overjoyed to read a positive piece, written and sold by Tell and Sell Stories. The article got re-tweeted many times on Twitter and was posted all over Facebook. Tell and Sell Stories then got them a second deal, this time in the Daily Mail. Overall, we secured them two impressive payments and the national coverage they wanted.

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