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I spent £20k to look like Barbie

Rachel Evans was depressed and having a breakdown when she decided there was only one way out - to overhaul her image and become a Barbie look-a-like. So far she has spent more than £20k on redesigning her face and doesn't plan to stop!

Spent £20k to look like Barbie

We placed her story on MailOnline and shared how her addiction to Botox has made her a happy mum-of-one who has got rid of her old, gothic look and now only sends out positive vibes. She's also on the lookout for love - but it has to be a toyboy!

Rachel is unrecognisable from photos taken years ago, and she's spent thousands of pounds making sure of it. She started re-designing her face after she suffered depression and had a breakdown – Rachel lost her son’s identical twin brother at birth and then her relationship broke down. She became borderline anorexic, weighing 7st, and hated what she saw in the mirror.

She says: ‘All I could see was death. My face was gaunt and and I had jet black gothic hair. One day, I cut off my hair and bleached it. Clumps fell out and I had to get a boy-ish haircut done. I hated it and wouldn't go out socially for a year until my hair could be bleached blonde Marilyn Monroe style.’

Once Rachel’s hair was how she wanted, she felt her true self coming out. She wanted to look like Barbie – blonde and happy, not dark and depressed. She started working out with an aim to becoming a bikini champion. But however much she trained her body, her face remained the same. That’s when she took action.

She says: ‘I started with Botox, to erase the lines on my forehead and crow’s feet. From the second the needle went in, I was hooked. I liked the ‘frozen look’ and didn’t want my face to show sadness anymore. I even had the corners of my mouth lines turned upwards so I didn’t look unhappy.’

‘I gradually increased the face treatments and started having fillers in my cheeks and lips. By my early 40s I was having non-surgical facelifts on top of all the other treatments to maintain my youthful look. I am completely addicted to Botox and re-designing my face.’

She adds: ‘I wanted my face to look like doll-like. People had called me Barbie when I was skinny and I decided I wanted my face to match my Barbie body. The older I get, the more work I’ll get done – even when I’m 80 I won’t stop!’

So far, Rachel has spent around £15,000 on cosmetic procedures to create and maintain her look. Work she’s had done:

Bigger cheeks

Contoured cheekbones

Filler on apples of cheeks to make them plumper

Tighter lifted jaw line

Less angular face shape - more rounded

Under eye bags minimised

Crow’s feet erased

Botox in forehead so it doesn’t move

Rachel says: ‘People who know me know I have brains. What other people think doesn't bother me one bit. I never want to go back to the old me. That dark gothic sad person has been 'buried'.’

Now Rachel is single and loving life. She goes on big nights out and receives lots of male attention. She has been on countless dates – but only with toyboys. She even attracts men as young as 20.

She says: ‘I joke to my friends that ‘Barbie is on the love-lookout for Ken’. I spend so much money, time and effort on how I look, why would I waste my time with a man my own age who doesn't look after himself?’

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