• Julia Sidwell

I need a safe room for my SON!

When I spoke to Sarah, I could tell from her voice she was at her wits' end. She is desperate for help. Her son Tristan is severely autistic and he sees no danger in scaling the walls at home, hanging from ceilings and light fixtures. He has fallen several times, injuring himself, and he destroys furniture with his bare hands, cutting them to shreds. He is at such risk to himself that Sarah has been forced to remove everything from his room, bar a few teddies. Even the carpet had to be taken away after Tristan pulled it up and tried to eat the underlay. Sarah would do anything for a safe room for her son, a padded, soft area where he can play and sleep, instead of sleeping on the hard, cold floor. I helped her to get the word out and raise awareness of autism in Take a Break magazine. Sarah absolutely adores her little one, but she certainly doesn't have it easy.

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