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I'm not ready TO DIE

A year ago, I got talking to Emma (pictured above), a woman whose dream had just come true. She had given birth to her longed-for baby, a baby she nearly never met. Emma had already fought stage 3 breast cancer.

Then, after years of trying, Emma finally fell pregnant. But when she was almost 14 weeks, she got the worst possible news - she had secondary bone cancer that was in her liver. She was given just six months to live. Doctors thought Emma would die before getting the chance to meet her baby.

But amazingly, with more treatment, Emma defied the doctors and started getting better. She beat her six-month prognosis and then her daughter, Emily, was born. Over the last two years Emma - who is still undergoing chemo to fight off secondary cancer - has worried every single day about how long she has left with her little girl.

I have been publishing updates on her journey in that’s life magazine and we have just worked together again, this time to publish a letter to her loved ones, revealing the heartbreaking truth about how she's feeling. To give Emma more time with Emily, please donate:

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Emma Thompson secondary breast cancer

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