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'I lost my beautiful bride to cancer'

To look at this photo of Jason's stunning bride Lucy, you would think she was any normal blushing bride. But behind her smile was a woman battling breast cancer - fighting for her life. Jason wanted to share his story to raise awareness, so Tell and Sell Stories got his story published in the Daily Mail, followed by Bella magazine...

Sell my cancer story

The moment Jason saw Lucy, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

They met by chance at a work event and after they had been introduced, Jason persuaded Lucy to give him her number.

At first he thought she wasn't interested, but one day, she texted him out of the blue and asked him out to Sunday lunch. They really hit it off and soon became an item.

In time, Jason met Lucy's teenage daughter Chloe from a previous relationship and then they decided they wanted a child of their own. So after moving into their dream home, they began trying for a family.

A while afterwards, they went on holiday to Paris. But while they were in their hotel room, Lucy found a lump. She didn’t seem concerned. After five days in Paris, they returned to Wolverhampton and the doctor referred Lucy to hospital for a biopsy.

Days later, they set off to hospital for the results and were given the crushing news. Lucy had breast cancer. Jason and Lucy had only known each other 14 months, but suddenly their perfect world had been shattered into pieces.

Lucy needed aggressive treatment - the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes so she had them removed before starting chemotherapy.

After her first session, they went away for the weekend and Lucy woke to find clumps of hair all over the bed and pillow. So they went to a local hairdresser's and found a wig in her usual style.

After many more sessions of chemotherapy, Lucy had a lumpectomy, followed by radiotherapy. It was only after all of this that the doctors were satisfied the cancer was gone.

Then two months later, they were on holiday in Brazil when Lucy found another lump - tragically the cancer had returned. She began a highly toxic type of chemotherapy but after several sessions, the tumour had doubled in size and spread back into her breast. The cancer was terminal.

Soon after, Jason proposed to Lucy. No matter what, he wanted to be her husband.

On their big day, just the sight of Lucy gliding towards Jason in her fitted, lace gown took his breath away. From looking at her, no one would ever have imagined what she was going through.

The very next day, Jason noticed Lucy's health deteriorate. She'd put so much into their wedding day and now she was tired and weak.

In the summer this year, Jason ensured Lucy was at home with her loved ones around her. He put his hand on her forehead before she took her last breath and slipped away.

Jason misses his wife so much. Now he is ploughing his time and effort into raising money for Breast Cancer Now and wants to raise as much awareness as he can. Check your breasts - it might just save your life.

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