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Hen's party BETRAYAL

The ULTIMATE story of betrayal... Sarah's groom left her for her FRIEND just weeks before their wedding day! We shared Sarah's story in Take a Break, Australia's That's Life, The Sun & MailOnline. Is there someone YOU want to expose? #betrayal #love #friendship #sellyourstory

sell my love rat story

Here she tells her story... I scanned the jewellery display alongside my fiancé Chris. Then he pointed to a ring and said: ‘I quite like that one.’

I leaned in to take a closer look.

‘That would really suit you,’ I said.

The woman in the shop took it from the case and handed it to Chris.

‘You could have it engraved,’ she said.

Chris smiled and said: ‘That’s a great idea.’

We had been together for five years and had two children, aged four and two. After getting engaged a year earlier, we were really excited to finally tie the knot.

Our wedding day was fast approaching and we had nearly ticked off everything on our to-do list.

We had chosen my ring earlier in the day, and after we’d paid for Chris’s ring we moved onto another shop.

There, Chris stepped out of the changing room wearing a blue three-piece suit.

‘What do you think?’ he said.

‘You look fab,’ I said. ‘Let me take a picture.’

I was relieved I’d already got my dress sorted. I’d lost count of how many I’d tried on before I’d found the stunning, ivory strapless gown of my dreams.

That night, we sat in bed and chose our vows.

‘I like the modern version,’ Chris said.

‘Me too,’ I replied.

‘So, are you looking forward to your hen do?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, it’s going to be a good laugh,’ I said.

And the following week, it was time to go.

I flew to Benidorm with a big group of friends and after checking in at the hotel, we got dressed up in 1920s flapper costumes and went straight out.

I didn’t stop laughing all night. Then my friend Nikki joined me on the dancefloor and gave me a hug.

‘Are you having fun?’ she shouted over the music.

‘Sure am!’ I replied.

Everyone was on top form and we had a fantastic three days.

When we landed back in the UK, I stayed at my friend’s house.

Next day, I returned home and when Chris got in from work he was thrilled to see me.

‘You’re so brown!’ he said. ‘Did you have a good time?’

‘It was brilliant,’ I said. ‘I feel a bit rough though.’

‘It’s good to have you back,’ Chris said.

Days later, on Saturday, Chris was about to meet his colleagues for a day of drinking.

‘Have a good one,’ I said.

Chris gave me a kiss and said: ‘See you tomorrow.’

He planned to stay at his mum’s overnight because the trains ran more regularly to her house.

When he’d gone, I spent the afternoon with the kids before putting them to bed.

Afterwards, I was shattered. The hen do had caught up with me and by 8:30pm, I’d conked out in bed.

Next morning, I checked my phone expecting a message from Chris, but there wasn’t one.

I decided not to text him. He hardly ever got a lie in and I didn’t want to wake him.

But by 3pm I hadn’t heard from him for 24 hours.

Suddenly I had a funny feeling in my gut.

Something’s not right, I thought.

I messaged Chris asking if he was OK and he told me he was feeling rough and would be home in a couple of hours.

Around 5 o’clock, I was in the kitchen eating tea with the kids when he walked through the door.

‘We missed the last train so I stayed at Rachel’s,’ he said.

‘What?’ I spluttered.

With that, I stormed out of the house and went to my mum’s grave to think things through. Had something happened with Chris and Rachel? Surely not, she was a friend.

As I sat on the grass, I texted Chris.

Have you been unfaithful to me?

He replied: No nothing is going on with Rachel at all.

I sent another message: Anyone else?

Then came another reply: No but there is something to tell you though, me and Nikki have kissed. I’m so sorry Sarah xxx

I clasped my mouth and thought I was going to be sick.

When? I wrote.

He replied: Last time we went out, and last night. I’m so sorry Sarah.

My eyes welled with tears and my hands shook as I re-read Chris’s messages over and over.

We were meant to be walking down the aisle in just eight weeks’ time, yet now my dream wedding was fading fast. It was so out of character - I’d always trusted Chris 100%.

My thoughts turned to Nikki. On the hen do she had been so nicey-nicey, all while hiding this dirty little secret.

Come to think about it, she’d been over-the-top nice. Now it all made sense.

Eventually I went home and Chris tried to put his arms around me.

‘What are you doing?’ I said, pushing him off.

Then we went to bed without speaking.

Next day, Chris went to work and I wasn’t sure how I’d get through the day. I worked part-time and today I was at home with the kids, but I plastered a smile across my face and eventually it was the evening.

After Chris and I had put the kids to bed, I said: ‘Right, go on then.’

I’d had all day to think and I’d made a decision. If Chris groveled and showed genuine remorse, I was prepared to forgive him.

But all he could do was keep mumbling sorry.

‘Why are you not saying what I want to hear?’ I said.

‘I’m not good with my feelings,’ he replied.

Tears rolled down my face as I said: ‘Do you love me?’

‘Yes,’ he said.

‘Can you honestly stand at the altar and say those vows?’

Chris looked sheepish and my heart sunk in my chest. Why was he not fighting for what we had?

‘What are you thinking?’ I asked.

‘What an idiot I am and how much everyone’s going to hate me,’ he said.

‘Is she worth it?’ I asked.

He paused, then said: ‘I think so yeah.’

‘Get out then,’ I said.

Chris packed a bag and walked out, leaving me sobbing.

I couldn’t believe I’d been jilted before I’d got to the altar and that my groom had given up everything we had for a stupid fling.

Next day, I rang my boss and told him what had happened. Thankfully he gave me the week off as family leave.

Over the next few days I felt physically sick and was unable to eat. But then something changed in me and I saw red.

I texted Chris’s mum and sister to tell them what he’d done and like me, they were absolutely gobsmacked.

Then I told almost everyone in my phonebook before messaging one last person…

Are you not talking to me Nikki?

Sarah I am so sorry, I don’t know what to say, she replied.

Are you in love with each other? I asked.

I am heartbroken and devastated I have hurt you,’ she replied.

Not as heartbroken and devastated as me, I wrote.

That day, Chris came to pick up the kids to find all of his belongings stuffed into bin bags outside the house. With his head bowed, he loaded up his boot while me, my dad and the kids looked on.

Next day, at home in Snaith, Goole, I flicked through my wedding planner and contacted each supplier to cancel the bookings and request refunds.

When the wedding venue told me I’d lose £4,000, I was crushed. And it wasn’t just the venue, I lost money on nearly everything, including the photographer and my wedding dress.

Later, I logged onto Facebook and looked through photos of Nikki.

‘Why did you leave me for her?’ I muttered.

Then I posted a photo with the comment: So, this is what my fiancé has left me and our beautiful children for, just 8 weeks before our wedding.

Within minutes my phone was pinging with notifications.

‘He’s traded in a Ferrari and got himself a clapped-out old banger!’

‘He needs to get to Specsavers, chin up beautiful lady.’

‘Just think, you could have married that scumbag!’

My friends’ comments were coming in thick and fast and suddenly I found myself smiling for the first time in ages.

Now I’m still battling with wedding suppliers and I still can’t believe I’m no longer marrying the man I loved. I also have my honeymoon to Barcelona coming up, which I’m still going on but with my bridesmaid.

Chris broke my heart and destroyed the wonderful future we could have had, but I’m just glad I found out who he really was before that ring was on my finger.

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