• Julia Sidwell

From rivals to best friends...

Carol was devastated when the love of her life and father to her daughter walked out of her life. He had a baby with another woman, Shelley, but he promised their relationship was over. So Carol and Tony resumed their relationship, but all the while he was leading both women on… They came to Tell and Sell Stories to share their story, which we placed in Take a Break magazine. Have YOU got a love rat story to sell?

Take a Break magazine

Carol and Tony had been together for almost five years when he announced he wanted a baby. Overjoyed, Carol agreed but as soon as she fell pregnant, Tony seemed to lose interest. He didn’t turn up to the scans and even missed the birth of his daughter, Charlotte.

It was a sign of what was to come. Tony did a disappearing act and even missed his daughter’s first birthday.

When Charlotte was three, Carol almost fell off her chair when she got a phone call from Tony saying he wanted to see her. It turned out he’d had a baby girl, Lydia, with a woman called Shelley, who suggested their children should meet. The news came as a real blow. Carol had always thought Tony was The One and it hurt her to know he’d had a baby with someone else.

Carol started visiting them regularly and Charlotte was so happy to meet her baby half-sister. Tony told Carol that nothing was going on between him and Shelley anymore, and Carol was thrilled when her and Tony became an item again. But little did she know, Tony was also seeing Shelley, feeding both women lies about each other so that they disliked one another.

On Lydia’s 1st birthday in 2010, Tony didn’t turn up. It meant Carol and Shelley were alone and finally had to talk to the chance to talk to each other without Tony in the middle. All of a sudden, things unravelled and they realised Tony was the world’s greatest liar. But still they didn’t know he was in a relationship with them both.

Carol had her suspicions and confronted Tony more than one, but he adamantly denied having relations with Shelley. It was only in 2011 that it all became clear. After being blinded by love, Carol and Shelley had a heart-to-heart, realising he’d been stringing them both along the whole time.

After that, Carol and Shelley became firm friends. They met up and still do, enjoying watching Charlotte, nine, and Lydia, six, become as thick as thieves. They still want Tony to take an interest in his children’s lives and have tried contacting him, but now in a new relationship, he doesn’t seem interested. Carol and Shelley have tried to put everything behind them and are just glad that even through all the mess and lies, they found each other.

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