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Easter bun-away!

Charlene came to Tell and Sell Stories wanting to give her pet rabbit Nibbles his 15 minutes of fame, and so that's what we gave him in Real People magazine!

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Charlene explains:

‘Nibbles is more like a dog than a rabbit. He often looks at me when I call his name and watches me inside the house from his hutch. He loves playing with my little boy and even likes to push a football around with his nose.’

‘In 2015, a few days before Easter, the weather was really bad.

‘I woke up the next day to find Nibbles' cage door open – he was gone. I realised the wind had somehow opened my rabbit’s hutch in the night.

'Devastated, I looked around the garden but he was nowhere to be seen. I shouted his name and then went to ask all my neighbours if they’d seen him. But I had no luck. I walked around the block crying, thinking I’d lost him forever.

‘My mum wrote letters to post in people's letterboxes asking if they'd seen a rabbit on the loose and I also posted for help on Facebook.

‘An hour later, there was a knock on the door – it was someone who lived a street away from me. He told me he’d seen a white rabbit the night before, hopping around his garden. He’d thought it was a plastic bag at first. He hadn't gone out because he didn't want to startle it.

‘Then he’d seen it hopping down the street and hoped he wouldn’t get run over, before it disappeared into the night.

‘I’d really hoped he had Nibbles, but unfortunately he had no idea where he’d gone.

‘Later that afternoon, I got a Facebook message from a friend saying her mum had captured a white rabbit. I was told it was at a nearby church. Straightaway, I grabbed my cat cage and went to set off.

‘Sure enough it was Nibbles! I discovered he’d spent the night hopping around roads, gardens and paths, and he’d ended up at church! I burst out laughing. Of all the places he’d ended up at church – just before Easter!

‘Clutching him in my arms, I was overwhelmed to get him back. ‘You've been a little bugger,’ I told him. ‘You’re grounded! I was so relieved he didn't have a scratch on him.

‘He's crazy but I love him to bits. Now I’ve added bolts to his hutch so he can’t escape. Hopefully we’ll have a calmer Easter this year!’

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