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Being SHORT has killed my SEX LIFE

David Arnold got in touch with Tell and Sell Stories because he wanted to give an honest account about how his height has affected his life and relationships. We got him a deal in national newspaper, The Sun.

sell my story to the sun

At 5ft 1in, David has found that his height is affecting his chances of finding love. So far, he’s been unsuccessful when it comes to women, but he is hoping to find the right person and settle down soon.

He says: ‘It’s hard to pinpoint the first time my height became an issue. I think it started when I was 15 or 16. During those teenage years, I began to notice girls more, but I soon discovered they could be quite cruel. If I expressed an interest in someone they would tell me, “you’re too small”. After a while, these comments stored up and really began to affect my confidence.

‘When I was 19, I had my first and only relationship. It wasn’t serious and after six months together, we broke up. I went on to have two sexual partners but that was the end of my sex life to date – I haven’t slept with anyone for nine years now.

‘I tried online dating and was hopeful. I added one or two inches to my height, but whenever I met my date in person, their body language spoke volumes. It was obvious they were disappointed that I was short.

‘Even when it comes to my female friends, they will pat me on the head just because I’m smaller than them. They don’t mean to be unkind, but I find it demeaning and it just reminds me that I’m short.

‘My height now means I overcompensate on dates. I try to be extra nice and friendly towards women because I think that, if I’m small and kind, they might like me, but it always lands me in the friend zone.

‘Either that, or I sabotage my chances by bringing my guard up. Even if my date is perfect, I find a flaw with them - I might decide I don’t like their shoes for example. I do it because I’m so sure I will get rejected, that I get in there first to protect myself. I’m not a shallow person, but it now means I have ridiculously high standards and I can’t find the right woman.

‘However, I don’t wish I was taller. If I were, I wouldn’t be me. And there are far worse problems in the world to be worrying about than height.’

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