• Julia Sidwell

Abused on a chat app...

We shared Princess' story in The Sun's Fabulous magazine, about how she was bullied and abused on the anonymous chat app, Kiwi. The report detailed the anonymous apps that every parents should know about, that are a magnet for predators and trolls.

The abuse happened around two years ago. Princess made friends with a 'girl' on Kiwi, they got chatting and became quite close friends. Princess only used Kiwi to meet new people.

They spoke for a few weeks when suddenly the girl started demanding that Princess tell her her personal details. When she refused, the girl turned nasty.

'She started abusing me and threatened to hack me,' Princess says. 'She also told me she would always be watching me, no matter what. It terrified me and I blocked her. I have a feeling it was an older man, I could tell by the way that the messages were written.'

'Thinking about it now, I don't know why I didn't just decide to block her from the start but I was naive, young and stupid,' Princess says. 'She is the reason why I have never used that app or website again. It made me feel very stupid.'

Have you ever been abused or bullied online? We could help you share your story to warn others and get you a fee for taking part. Email

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