TWINNING: Woman told she might never be a mother fell pregnant with TWINS after a holiday romance

Getting Monica lots of coverage for her incredible story - she was told she might never have children, then had TWINS after a holiday romance! In today's Sun #miraclebabies #sellmystory #onehappymother


A mum who was told she might never fall pregnant had TWINS after a holiday fling during a Mediterranean cruise.

Monica Dylan, 42, had accepted she would never become a mother when tests revealed she had a very low number of ovarian follicles, showing a significant decline in fertility.

Deciding she was ‘over the hill’, she resigned herself to a child-free life and went on a two-week break with a friend. The women visited Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain where Monica wished for a baby, followed by the same wish a second time when she thought the coins had missed the water.

Days later she had a holiday fling and on returning home, discovered she had conceived not one but two babies – both of her wishes had come true.

Monica is still coming to terms with the fact she’s become a parent in her 40s, at a time she had accepted it would never happen. She is enjoying being mum to six-month-old twins Athena and Luna and despite not being in a relationship with their father, is in contact with him and has his full support.

Full-time mum Monica, from Medway, Kent, said: “I have always wanted children and I just can’t believe I made two wishes at the Trevi Fountain and that both of them were granted. I feel blessed. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant in the first place, but to find out there were two in there was a real shock. It still doesn’t seem real.”

Back home after the cruise, Monica was convinced she had post-motion sickness, only to discover it was actually morning sickness.

She said: “I hadn’t been home long when I started feeling funny. I felt dizzy, like I was still at sea. I searched my symptoms online and self-diagnosed myself with having post-motion sickness, which was apparently quite normal after a cruise. When the queasiness didn’t subside, the possibility of being pregnant crossed my mind. But with the results I’d had from the fertility clinic, I knew I wouldn’t be. I decided to buy a test to rule it out completely and when I saw the second pink link appear on the stick, I was gobsmacked.”

Over the years, Monica had separated from previous partners because they hadn’t wanted children, but she thought her luck had changed when she met her last boyfriend.

She said: “I made it clear from the beginning that I wanted a family and he told me he felt the same. But as time went on he changed his mind, leaving me devastated and running out of time to meet the right man, fall in love, and have a child with.”

She and her ex went their separate ways and Monica realised her dream of becoming a mother was over. That’s when her friend Anita Bristol, 38, suggested they go on holiday together.

“Anita had been talking about going on a cruise for a while and it seemed like the right time for a trip away. I’ve known Anita for 20 years and if anyone knows how to have a good time, it’s her. I knew I was in good hands!

“On the ship, we began discussing my new life plan. We agreed to make the most of our freedom by enjoying nights out and weekends away, travelling the world and maybe even living abroad together for a while. We also planned to look after each other when we were older and I decided I could simply spoil my nieces and nephews, rather than have a baby of my own.”

But deep down, Monica couldn’t ignore her longing to be a mother and when the cruise ship docked in Rome, she and Anita came across the city’s famous Trevi Fountain while sightseeing.

Monica said: “I wanted to make a wish, but I didn’t have any change on me. Anita didn’t have any small change, just euros coins, and I begged her to give me some to throw in the fountain.

“Thankfully she did, and I used my right hand to toss the coins in over my left shoulder, just like all the other tourists were doing. Then I silently wished for a baby.

“Problem was, I wasn’t sure the coins had gone in the water, so I had to ask Anita for more. She couldn’t believe I was taking the last of her ice cream money! I made the same wish again and this time was satisfied the euros had gone into the fountain.”

Days later, Anita and Monica spent the evening with two men they had met earlier on their trip.

Monica said: “Anita nagged me to have a shower and make an effort for dinner and drinks. I was happy with what I’d been wearing all day but somehow, she convinced me to dress up. It’s lucky I did because I got talking to one of the men we had been spending time with during the cruise. Anita and I had originally thought they were gay because they were both gorgeous and stylish, so it was quite exciting to find out they were straight!

“That night, after I’d got dressed up, I spent hours chatting to one of the men and couldn’t ignore the spark between us. One thing led to another and to my surprise, we ended up having sex.

“When I discovered I was pregnant weeks later, I thought back to the night me and my holiday romance had got together. We’d had one too many drinks - the reason we hadn’t used contraception. I knew it was foolish but at the same time, I was thrilled to think I might be having a baby.”

Monica was relieved to hear the baby was doing well at an eight-week scan, but there was another surprise to come.

“The sonographer scanned me and turned the screen around. He showed me my baby and then he moved the wand slightly and said, ‘And here’s the other one.’ I thought he was joking and my friend who had come with me burst into tears, which set the nurse off crying too!

“It quickly dawned on me that I wasn’t just going to be a mum, but a mum of twins. I was so shocked I didn’t say much until the news finally sunk in.

“When I told Anita, she screeched down the phone with excitement and joked that she owned the babies - because the four euros I’d used to wish for them were hers! I also told the father of the twins and he was really good about it. Despite us not being in a relationship, he respected my decision to go ahead with the pregnancy and said I had his full support.”

Monica suffered with the usual symptoms during pregnancy, including sickness and varicose veins, but otherwise it was straightforward.

After discovering she was having two girls at her 16-week scan, she started stocking up on the essentials, filling a cupboard with nappies and buying matching cots and Moses baskets.

At 37 weeks, Monica was classed as full-term and was induced. But when one of the placentas ruptured, she was rushed into theatre for an emergency C-section. Her non-identical twin daughters Athena and Luna were born, weighing 5lbs 5oz each.

She said: “When I met them for the first time and held them both in my arms, it was such a strange feeling. They were so beautiful, I couldn’t stop gazing at them.

“Two days later, I turned 42 and my daughters were the best birthday presents I could ask for.

"Becoming a mother hasn’t worked out the way I always imagined it would and I know there will be tough times ahead, especially being a single mum, but I have a lot of love to give to Athena and Luna. They are now six months old and I wish that time would slow down a little! They are certainly keeping me on my toes and are learning all the time - as am I. Most recently, they are weening and enjoying tasting different foods - and making a mess!

“I am now back at work and the twins have started nursery. Life is hectic and I’m exhausted. Their sleep is disturbed and with teething too, I don’t know how I’m keeping my eyes open in the day! That said, I’m loving life with my girls. They make me laugh all the time.

“I’m so grateful to Anita for giving me her money to throw in the fountain and for encouraging me to make an effort that fateful night – having a holiday fling was definitely out of character for me but I’m so glad it happened because I can’t imagine life without Athena and Luna. I wanted a child for so long and was lucky enough to have two.”


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