‘It could have been me’: Following the death of a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show, Stacy reveals how s

I spoke to Stacy Talley who gave her brave account of how she felt after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show. She was quoted in this weekend's Sunday Mirror #speakingup #jeremykyle


A woman has spoken openly for the first time about how she ended up in hospital the day she appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show. She had taken a drug overdose just like Steve Dymond, who was found dead at his home days after he failed a lie detector test.

Stacy filmed the show with her fiancé Les in March last year and took a lie detector test to prove she hadn’t cheated on him again but failed – resulting in Les walking out on her in front of the studio audience.

Straight after the show, the 29-year-old claims she wasn’t given any support, even though she told the Jeremy Kyle team she felt suicidal.

During her taxi ride back, she took two 32 paracetamol tablets and by the time she reached her mother’s house, she had fallen unconscious and was rushed to hospital.

Luckily Stacy recovered and afterwards, she and Les sat down and talked about their experience on the show and worked on repairing their relationship.

Stacy said: ‘I honestly can’t believe the lack of care on the show. We were told exactly how to act for the cameras but when it came down to us as people afterwards, we were shown no support, not provided counselling or even given anyone to talk to. When they put me in a taxi, I felt suicidal and told them so. But they still sent me on my way.

‘When we stopped at a service station I went in and bought two packs of paracetamol and took them all in the back of the car, in the hope overdosing would end my life. The show had pushed me over the edge.’

The couple have since emailed the show to tell them what had happened but say they were not interested in their health or wellbeing, just about whether they would come back on the show.

Stacy and Les who have been together 11 years have now married and say that they refuse to let the cheating nor the bad experience they had on the Jeremy Kyle to ruin their relationship.

She says: ‘I was told Jeremy Kyle was on my side but you can clearly see from the show he wasn’t. I left the stage feeling humiliated and depressed. I know it was an entertainment show but I had no idea how little support I would receive or how it would make me feel.

‘I am so sorry to hear about Steve Dymond who tragically died, the news really did scare me. Just one more pack of pills and that could have been me. I would never have gone on the show if I had known about the consequences.’

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