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Vanishing bride!

KaLonny contacted Tell and Sell Stories all the way from the USA wanting to share her story to warn other women considering getting gastric surgery. We published her story in the women's weekly magazine That's Life.

That's Life magazine

It all started when KaLonny decided to get a gastric sleeve in 2013. She had a large part of her stomach was removed.

At first, she was delighted as the weight began to drop off - her confidence boosted and she felt great. But she continued to lose weight at an alarming rate.

Only able to eat small amounts, KaLonny began to suffer with malnutrition.

It affected her memory and focus and she developed other medical issues, including chronic dehydration, kidney stones, UTIs, chronic constipation and regular migraines. No one was sure what went wrong but KaLonny believes her stomach was cut too small.

Now when she eats (she can only eat peanut butter and yoghurt) it gets her metabolism moving, which results in her losing even more weight. So she feels her only choice is not to eat anything - resulting in her returning to hospital.

She's trapped in a vicious cycle and has been told she will soon need a feeding tube.

KaLonny was due to marry her husband Kevin in a large wedding surrounded by friends and family next year.

But he was terrified she'd be dead by then so they got married last month in KaLonny's mum's garden.

Now she's trying to stay positive for her kids (aged 22, 12 and 10) who have nightmares about her dying.

She plasters on a huge smile for everyone, but at night she sobs and battles suicidal feelings.

She’s lost ten stone so far and spends most of her time in and out of hospital.

In the last six weeks she's lost 20lbs - her health is rapidly declining.

KaLonny says: 'I wish I'd never had the gastric sleeve. I was much happier fat and I wish I could turn back time. Now I'm trying to make the most of the days I have left with my family and want to urge others thinking about weight loss surgery to seriously reconsider.'

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