• Julia Sidwell

But that's not my child!

When Becki told Tell and Sell Stories she had a very important point to prove, we were keen to help her the best way we could. And to help her set the record straight, we got her story published in Take a Break, the UK's biggest selling women's weekly magazine, meaning she reached hundreds of thousands of readers. It all started when she fell pregnant, after her husband had undergone a vasectomy...

Becki's pregnancy test was positive but she had no idea how it could be. After all, her husband Carl had had a vasectomy, meaning he could no longer produce sperm. She was baffled and so was Carl. They decided perhaps it was a fluke of nature. The procedure was 99% effective, but what if they were in that remaining 1%? Carl went to his GP and had some tests done. While they waited for the results, Becki took ten pregnancy tests to make sure, and each and every one was positive. They already had four kids but they decided they would somehow manage. They even began getting excited about meeting their new addition. But tragedy struck when one day Becki started bleeding. Carl picked her up from work and took her to hospital where she was told she was having a miscarriage. Then they got even more bad news... The doctor rung Carl with the results of his tests - he had zero sperm count. There was no way the baby had been his. Carl's mind went into overdrive. The only other way Becki could have got pregnant was by another man, wasn't it? Becki and Carl's loving relationship began to unravel. Carl questioned Becki about the pregnancy but she was adamant she hadn't cheated. Devastated and upset, Becki decided she had to prove she was telling the truth. She couldn't afford a private lie detector, so she contacted the Jeremy Kyle Show. After persuading Carl to join her on the show, they travelled to the studio where they were taken to different rooms and Becky was given her lie detector test. But the questions seem twisted and irrelevant. She was sure she was being tricked into lying. Soon she was in front of the audience and film crew, sitting with Jeremy and Carl. Jeremy said: ‘Rebecca, you were asked have you ever had sexual intercourse with anyone other than Carl in the last 12 months… Test says you’re a liar love.’ Becki's mouth dropped open in shock. ‘What? I swear I’m not,’ she said. ‘Carl I’ve told you the truth.’ But Carl looked crushed. Then Jeremy laid into her before she burst into tears and left the stage. With their relationship in tatters, Becki was left with no option. She forked out for a private lie detector test. This time, the process was completely different. The man explained exactly how everything would work and the questions all made sense. After two hours, he showed Becki the results. She was 100% telling the truth. It was like a weight had been lifted. Finally, Becki had the proof she needed. Weeks later, Carl booked in with the doctor. They’d agreed to look into his vasectomy again. But the results was shocking. 'I do have active sperm after all,' Carl said. They couldn’t believe it, after everything they had been through. Now things are still strained between the couple. But they know that with time, they will mend what's been broken. Becki said that by sharing her story, it helped her to set the record straight and show her family and friends the whole, true story. She is so thankful to Tell and Sell Stories who helped tell the word she is not a liar, nor a cheat. If you want to set the record straight about something, just get in touch. Simply fill in the online story form on our homepage or email

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