'I heard my DEAD baby crying'

I wrote Stacey's powerful story for today's Mirror and The Sun, about how she was admitted after believing she could hear her dead baby crying. I also got her story published in Take a Break magazine. Have you been affected by psychotic postnatal depression? Read her story in the Mirror here and in The Sun here. #pnd #raisingawareness #parenting #sellmystory Stacey Dukes, 31, from Manchester, was thrilled to finally become a mum. Then her mind started playing tricks on her... “I scooped up my baby and walked to the front door, where my partner Sean was pulling on his coat. He kissed me and said: ‘Will you be alright?’ ‘Yes of course,’ I said. But as the door closed, my heart sank. After two

'I am one of the lucky ones'

When Diane collapsed, she never imagined that when she woke up she would have someone else's liver inside her! I wrote her story for Take a Break magazine, about how she suffered with acute cellular rejection. - There is a national shortage of organ donors within the BAME community but Diane was one of the lucky ones. #BlackHistoryMonth#BAME #livertransplant #organdonation #signtheregister #BeAHero "After a busy weekend, I couldn’t wait to get into bed. Then I caught sight of my reflection in the bathroom mirror and noticed the whites of my eyes were yellow. ‘Look,’ I said to my husband Ian. ‘Bloody hell, what’s wrong with them?’ he said. ‘You need to make a doctor’s appointment.’ Next mo

'I fell pregnant on our first date... with TWINS!'

Imagine falling pregnant on your first date... Now imagine falling pregnant with TWINS on your first date! I wrote Rebecca's story for Woman's Own magazine. Did you have a shocker of a first date? #sellmystory #firstdates "The pub was buzzing as I grabbed a glass of bubbly and stood among the crowd to start the countdown: ‘Five, four, three, two, one, happy New Year!’ As the clock struck midnight in 2000, everyone cheered and sang Auld Lang Syne. I had travelled to Wales to see in the new millennium with a friend I used to work with. She had moved home to open a pub with her cousin Richard, then 33, who I’d just met for the first time. He was friendly and rather good-looking, but I wasn’t lo

BRUTAL BERNIE: I fat-shamed my hubby and got a NEW MAN!

Here's another story of mine, this time in today's Mirror and The Sun - ripped Earl has his wife to thank for his new bod. She wrote a fat-shaming poem that pushed him into losing weight and now he's got a six-pack! #sellmystory #weightloss Everyone knows nothing good comes from reading someone else's diary. But for husband and wife, Earl and Bernie Stewart, nothing could be further from the truth. Although Earl didn't quite see it like that when he took a peak at his wife's private thoughts and found out - in black and white - what she really thought of him. Instead of mundane daily news, or lines explaining how much she loved him, Bernie had really let rip about how much her husband had le

A freak fever left me TRAPPED in my own body

Read my terrifying story in today's Mirror here about Taylor Edgell. One minute he was told he had muscle strain, the next he was completely paralysed #gullainbarresyndrome #GBS --- A man who could not communicate properly after being completely paralysed was able to say ‘miss you’ to his girlfriend using just his eyes and a letterboard. Taylor Edgell, 26, was struck down by Guillain-Barré Syndrome hours after the pain in his leg was dismissed as muscle strain. Paralysed and unable to breathe unaided after developing the rare autoimmune disorder, Taylor was left bedridden in hospital for three weeks. He said: “It was such a strange feeling, like I was willing my body to move but it just woul

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