Holiday fling gave me TWINS!

Here's beautiful Monica once again, this time appearing down under! I wrote her story for Australia's That's Life magazine about how she thought she would never have children - and how a holiday romance changed everything! Now a mum-of-twins, she incredibly reveals how the TWO wishes she made at Rome's Trevi Fountain for a baby have BOTH come true! "I lay on the bed while being scanned and turned to my friend Anita, who gave me a reassuring look. Then the doctor said: ‘You have very few follicles.’ ‘What does that mean?’ I said. ‘I’m afraid you have little chance of conceiving,’ he said. I nodded as I took in the news. It only confirmed what I’d already guessed. I was 40 and over the hill. I

The Ballad of Bernie the Blunt!

Bernie was fed up with her lazy husband Earl who was always making mean comments about her weight. But when he read her secret diary entry on her iPad, he realised HE was the one who needed to change. I spoke to her and wrote her brilliantly funny and inspiring story for Take a Break magazine... "I stepped off the bus and stumbled into the tattoo shop, hand in hand with my new fella. ‘We want each other’s names done,’ I told the tattooist. ‘Come on in,’ she said. Earl and I had spent the day in the pub and after a few too many, I’d decided I wanted his name on my wrist forever. I lay on the bed and said: ‘We’d like the day we met underneath.’ When I gave the tattooist the date, her eyes bulg

'I had to tell my mum I had breast cancer too'

Read my heartbreaking story about Beverley and her mum Mary, who were both diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time, in this week's Bella magazine #raisingawareness #breastcancercare #checkyourbreasts "Unhooking my bra, I looked at the marks it had left on my skin. It had been digging in all day. Then I put a hand to my left breast. ‘It’s even bigger and harder than it was a few days ago,’ I told my husband Paul. ‘Maybe you should go to the doctors,’ he said. ‘I think I will,’ I replied. At first, I’d put the changes down to gaining a few pounds. But now I was worried it was something more sinister. Days later it was Paul’s 50th birthday, so we went out for dinner with family to celebra

WEDDING CRASHER: The bridesmaid's had a baby!

Bridesmaid Hannah who gave birth on her sister's wedding day has gone down under! Her story is in Australia's That's Life magazine and it looks great! Do you have a story to share across the world? #sellmystory Opening the door, I smiled at the helium balloon bobbing up and down in front of me. Holding it was my sister Francesca and standing next to her was her six-year-old daughter Ivy, grinning like mad. ‘Come in,’ I said, confused. We went into the living room and Francesca held up a pin. ‘You have to pop the balloon,’ she said. ‘Yes, pop it!’ Ivy giggled. I hesitated, before taking the pin. POP! Ivy burst out laughing as confetti fluttered across the room, and a small scroll fell onto th

BIRTH CONTROL HORROR: ‘The contraceptive implant stopped me getting pregnant… but gave me CANCER&#39

Here's my shocking story in today's Sun about Amy who believes the contraceptive implant gave her breast cancer. She is undergoing treatment and is determined to beat this awful disease for the sake of her son Dylan #breastcancer #contraceptiveimplant #raisingawareness#thesun --- A mum-of-one who has relied on the contraceptive implant for the last eight years is convinced the device caused her cancer. Amy Boyle, 25, had the small plastic rod placed under the skin on her arm following a teenage pregnancy, only to recently discover it may have been putting her life in danger the whole time. The young mum from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and aft

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