The love that he forgot: My ex had lost his memory, but I was determined to remind him what we’d had

I loved speaking to Tam and Orla and sharing their incredible story - when a car accident wiped Tam's memory, he had no idea who his ex-girlfriend was. But in time, he fell in love with her all over again and they are now married with a family! Do you have a surprising story to share? #sellmystory#destiny #memoryloss #takeabreakmagazine --- I was pulling out my best moves at the disco, when I turned to see a lad smiling at me. ‘You’re beautiful,’ he said. I blushed as he introduced himself as Thomas. ‘I’m Orla, nice to meet you,’ I said. I was 17 and knew I would remember this moment forever. I was smitten. Soon after, I met up with Thomas – who everyone called Tam – and we started spending

WEDDING CRASHER! Hannah was ready to walk up the aisle for her sister’s big day. But her baby had ot

The bridesmaid’s having a BABY! I wrote Hannah and Francesca’s story for Real People magazine and it’s a corker! #weddingcrasher --- Opening the door, I smiled at the helium balloon bobbing up and down in front of me. Holding it was my sister Francesca and standing next to her was her six-year-old daughter Ivy, grinning like mad. ‘Come in,’ I said, confused. We went into the living room and Francesca held up a pin. ‘You have to pop the balloon,’ she said. ‘Yes, pop it!’ Ivy giggled. I hesitated, before taking the pin. POP! Ivy burst out laughing as confetti fluttered across the room, and a small scroll fell onto the floor. I unravelled it and read the words inside. Will you be my bridesmaid?

I fell pregnant on a first date… with TWINS!

Rebecca not only fell pregnant on her first date... but she fell pregnant with twins! Read her incredible story in today's Sun Fabulous #firstdates#pregnancy #twins #sellmystory --- The pub was buzzing as I grabbed a glass of bubbly and stood among the crowd to start the countdown: ‘Five, four, three, two, one, happy New Year!’ As the clock struck midnight, everyone cheered and sang Auld Lang Syne. I had travelled to Wales to see in the new millennium with a friend I used to work with. She had moved home to open a pub with her cousin Richard, who I’d just met for the first time. He was friendly and rather good-looking, but I wasn’t looking for love. I had just come out of a bad six-year rela

My little miracle’ Mum-of-two’s incredible photos show tiny 1lb baby being pulled from the womb, who

Look at this cutie! It's hard to believe she weighed just ONE POUND when she was born. I wrote her mum Francesca's incredible story, in Chat magazine now #prembaby #preemies #onepoundbaby #chatmagazine#sellmystory --- A premature baby born the size of a syringe and weighing just 1lb proved doctors wrong, who believed she had a 90% chance of dying. Baby Eden impressed everyone when she pulled through weeks of touch-and-go moments and is now a happy, healthy two-year-old. Mum-of-two Francesca Wood, 30, from Canterbury, was 26 weeks pregnant when she woke up in a pool of blood and told her daughter had to be delivered immediately. In theatre, an anaesthetist took photos of the 1lb baby being pu

'I discovered my ex was having an affair, so I took the ultimate revenge and lost 15 STONE!'

Kristina is simply amazing. She lost 15 STONE after being cheated on and besides her still feeling ‘fat’, she looks amazing! I wrote her story for The Sun’s Fabulous #weightloss #thesun #fabulous --- I walked through the doors of Topshop and started wandering past the rails of clothes, wondering what would suit me. After a few minutes, an assistant came over and looked me up and down. ‘Nothing in here will fit you,’ she said. As she turned away my cheeks flushed with embarrassment and my eyes filled with tears. I quickly left the shop and went into one that sold plus-size clothing instead. As a child I was always bigger than my friends. But what started off as puppy fat turned into solid wei

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