'I've NEVER had an orgasm'

Libby approached me and revealed she’d never had an orgasm before. Here she is in the Sun to explain further... I’ve NEVER had an orgasm… men treat me like their Mount Everest and pals buy me sex toys By Anna Roberts WATCHING any sexy film you'd think women climaxed at the drop of a hat. But it isn't actually the case - according to research between ten and 20 per cent of women have never actually enjoyed an orgasm. Libby admitted she had never had an orgasm LA-based gynaecologist Dr Sherry Ross, whose book She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women's Intimate Health tackles intimate issues, says the reasons behind women's failure to come are varied and multiple. "Our down-there area tends to

When love rivals become BEST MATES!

I loved working with Carol Avenell and Shelley Broughton who went from being rival exes to BEST MATES! Check out my story about them on MailOnline... #sellmystory #loverat A woman was devastated when she found out the love of her life had fathered a child with another woman, but her heartbreak led to an unlikely positive - becoming close friends with her love rival. Carol Avenell, 37, from Bromley, Kent, was devastated when John, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, revealed he'd had a baby with Shelley Broughton, also 37. He promised their relationship was over and Carol agreed to stay together, but when the two women started talking for the sake of their children, Charlotte

The mums and daughters... who look like SISTERS!

Check out my feature on the MailOnline about the mums and daughters who are constantly mistaken for sisters - and even twins! I placed their story in Take a Break and now the Mail - can you guess who is who?! Many youngsters would hate being compared to their elders but these youthful-looking parents, who have all been blessed with strong genes, agree it's the biggest compliment they could receive. Wedding planner Natasha Clarke is 17 years older than her daughter Kailey, but they are the spitting image of one another and often go clubbing together in Oxford. And you'd be mistaken for thinking you're seeing double looking at photographs of stay-at-home mum Kristal Napodano, 37, and her daugh

Oops I did it again!

I first wrote Suzanne Holdsworth's story when she had a surprise baby just three months after she tied the knot. Now I've written her story for the MailOnline and The Sun about her SECOND surprise baby - Suzanne didn't realise she was expecting until she was seven months gone! #surprisebabies #weddingshock #sellmystory#mailonline A mother-of-five who only discovered she was pregnant with her fourth child when she went into labour, welcomed a second surprise baby only finding out she was pregnant seven months in. Suzanne Holdsworth, 34, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, had continued to have periods and had even lost weight during her fourth pregnancy. And just a couple of years later got anoth

Work stress left me sick, broken and BLEEDING

Lorna Jayne Riley shared with me how stress and anxiety caused by her job became so bad that she was hospitalised - twice. I shared her story online for The Sun's Fabulous. Lorna says: It all started when I landed the role of office manager for a large well-known travel company that had offices in Luton and Turkey. I had applied for a job abroad after having a bad experience in a past job, in which stress had caused me to have six months off sick. I thought this new role was the perfect chance for a fresh start. But a few months into the role in Turkey, I started feeling so stressed that it was making me unwell. A lack of communication, a feeling of isolation, having no support from my manag

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