Not one, not two, but FIVE babies!

Jamie longed to give her sons a sibling, then she fell pregnant with quintuplets! I spoke to her and her husband Skyler about their amazing surprise and got their story published in the Mirror, That's Life UK, Woman magazine and That's Life Australia. Jamie says: I’d just had an ultrasound and was so excited that I pulled my sons out of school. I filmed them as I said: ‘Final guesses as to how many babies are in my belly.’ ‘I’m guessing triplets,’ Shayden said. ‘I’m hoping twins,’ Landon said. ‘It’s higher than twins,’ I said. ‘Quads?’ Landon said. ‘It’s not quads,’ I said. ‘Quints?’ Shayden said. ‘FIVE babies,’ I beamed. ‘For reals.’ Both boys’ mouths gaped open in disbelief. ‘That’s awesom

'The bridesmaid's giving birth!'

Hannah's baby tried to steal the show by making an appearance on his auntie’s big day - and I spoke to her and Francesca to get their story published in the Mirror. Talk about a wedding crasher! A new mum who gave birth on her sister’s wedding day wanted to be at the ceremony so badly, she was about to leave for church while in active labour. Contractions started for Hannah Newell, 26, the night before the wedding and she went into labour at her sister’s house the following morning, while getting glammed up to be bridesmaid. As she breathed through her contractions and put on a brave face through the pain, her family encouraged her to go to hospital. But Hannah refused. It was only when brid

'Why can't she talk?'

Fin couldn't work out why his daughter Katie couldn't talk to anyone except him. Then a holiday changed everything. I worked with Fin to share his story in Take a Break magazine, to raise awareness of mutism. Fin says: As we joined her friends in the park, I said to my daughter Katie: ‘Why don’t you say hello?’ She opened her mouth to talk, but no sound came out. Then she buried her head in my legs. ‘Don’t worry,’ I said. ‘It’s OK.’ Katie was four and had been living with me since she was two, after her mum and I had separated. Although she would happily chat to me, she didn’t seem able to speak to anyone else. When we went out, she wore a blank expression and seemed clingy. But deep down, I

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