I gained TEN STONE during pregnancy!

It was a joy to work with Lisa Balcombe Nee Weston, to raise awareness of hypothyroidism and to share her incredible story of how she gained 10 STONE during pregnancy - then lost it all! Read it in this month's Take a Break Summer Special. #hypothyroidism #weightloss #cambridgeweightplan#sellmystory #takeabreak

Spot the dogs... and cats!

Spot the dogs... and cats! I loved working with seven lovely ladies and their pets, to get this feature published in this week's Take a Break magazine #sellmystory #pets #mastersofcamouflage

'I thought I was infertile... then had QUINTUPLETS!'

I loved working with this amazing couple who after thinking they were infertile, had QUINTUPLETS! Their story is in this week's That's Life magazine #quintuplets #thatslife #reallife #sellmystory #quints Jamie says: I’d just had an ultrasound and was so excited as I went to collect my two sons from school. ‘Final guesses as to how many babies are in my belly,’ I said. ‘I’m guessing triplets,’ Shayden said. ‘I’m hoping twins,’ Landon added. ‘It’s higher than twins,’ I replied. ‘Four?’ Landon said. ‘It’s not four,’ I said. ‘Five?’ Shayden said. ‘Five babies,’ I beamed. Both boys’ mouths gaped open in disbelief. ‘That’s awesome,’ they cheered. ‘Five!’ The boys were almost as shocked as my husba

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