Will I live to meet my baby?

Here’s a snapshot of our story about Emma Thompson, a truly inspirational woman who was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer while pregnant with her longed-for baby. She was given six months to live and was terrified she might never meet her little girl. We got her honest and heartbreaking story published in That’s Life magazine #secondarycancer #pregnancy #breastcancer #secondarybreastcancer #raisingawareness Here Emma tells all... It was the middle of the night when I woke up needing the loo. I left my fiancé sleeping while I crept to the bathroom, but as I walked past our full-length mirror, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. What’s that? I thought. There was a dent in my rig

PND Mum Admitted to Mental Health Unit

Rebecca Crow came to us to share her story of postnatal depression. The mum-of-one had the condition so badly that she asked her mum and partner to take her baby, before she was admitted to a mental health unit. We published her story in Take a Break magazine. Here Rebecca tells all... I had almost finished getting the town hall ready for work’s quarterly update meeting, when I felt a gush down below. Already? I thought. I dug out my phone and called my partner James. ‘I think I’m going into labour,’ I said. I was pregnant and had three weeks until my due date. I returned to my office where I worked as a senior executive assistant, sent some emails and began to clear my desk. ‘My waters have


Tell and Sell Stories worked with Jo Murphy and Jordan Wright to share the shocking story about how their friend Kirsty spun a web of lies, including pretending she was pregnant by wearing a FAKE BUMP. Prepare for your jaw to drop as you read their story, which we got published in That's Life, Australia's Take 5 magazine and The Sun newspaper. Do you have someone you want to expose? #sellmystory #reallife

The Bride's Surprise Baby!

Tell and Sell Stories spoke to the lovely Suzanne who had no idea she was pregnant - even when she was six months down the line and getting MARRIED! She didn't know she was expecting until the baby popped out! We placed her story in Take a Break magazine and Woman's Own. Here, she tells her story... I gazed unimpressed at the bowl of green salad sitting before me and tried to imagine it was a cheeseburger and chips. ‘You really don’t need to lose any weight,’ my fiancé Chris said. ‘I do,’ I replied. ‘There’s no way I’m being a fat bride.’ Chris, then 39, had popped the question a few months earlier at a surprise 30th party he’d organised for me... (continued below) We’d been together for six

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