My BABY gave me a SEX PHOBIA

We worked with Naomi to share her story about her SEX PHOBIA. It’s so bad that she’s urging her man to sleep with another woman... We shared her story in Take a Break magazine and The Sun. Do YOU have a story to share? #sellmystory Here, Naomi tells her story: I covered my face as I burst into giggles, laughing so much there were tears in my eyes. I couldn’t even remember what my boyfriend had said to set me off. ‘You crack me up,’ I said. ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you too,’ Daniel said. Then he leant forward and gave me a kiss. Before I knew it we’d made it to the bedroom and were pulling each other’s clothes off. I loved Daniel’s fantastic sense of humour, the fact we had a cracking sex life t

My girl planned her own FUNERAL

Len's daughter Amy who suffered with cystic fibrosis planned her own funeral and asked everyone to wear something leopard-print. We shared her story in The Sun, and women's weekly magazine, Pick Me Up. Lyn also went on to appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show. Do you have a story you want published in the national press? Here's more about Lyn's story... When Lyn became a mother for the first time, her days of broken sleep and nappy-changing were quickly turned upside down. Her daughter Amy wasn’t gaining weight and after a visit to the hospital, Amy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at six weeks old. Lyn had never even heard of the disease. But then the doctor said something that shook her to the

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