Lyn always knew she would bury her daughter, ever since Amy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We shared her story in The Sun to raise awareness of the condition. Do you have a story to share, as tribute to a loved one? #sellmystory #raisingawareness #TheSun You can read her story here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/4576436/heartbroken-mum-discovered-daughter-planned-funeral-died/ Lyn, 45, was thrilled to become a mother, but at six weeks old her daughter Amy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. From that moment on, Lyn knew she would outlive her little girl and every morning wondered if this was the day Amy would die. Amazingly, Amy defied the doctors and despite many hospital admission

Hens' party BETRAYAL

The ULTIMATE story of betrayal... Sarah's groom left her for her FRIEND just weeks before their wedding day! We shared Sarah's story in Take a Break, Australia's That's Life, The Sun & MailOnline. Is there someone YOU want to expose? #betrayal #love #friendship #sellyourstory Here she tells her story... I scanned the jewellery display alongside my fiancé Chris. Then he pointed to a ring and said: ‘I quite like that one.’ I leaned in to take a closer look. ‘That would really suit you,’ I said. The woman in the shop took it from the case and handed it to Chris. ‘You could have it engraved,’ she said. Chris smiled and said: ‘That’s a great idea.’ We had been together for five years and had two

Pregnancy sickness made me ABORT THREE BABIES

Anyone who has had severe morning sickness might have some idea of how this woman felt. She aborted three babies when she suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum. We got her story published in Bella magazine. If you have a story about morning sickness / pregnancy sickness to share, email Tell and Sell Stories today: story@tellandsellstories.co.uk #hyperemesisgravidarum Here she tells her story... Staring at the toast on the plate in front of me, it might as well have been a five-course banquet. ‘Just take it slowly,’ I told myself. I picked up the bread and nibbled a corner spread with Marmite. I’d been trying to stomach the single slice for hours. Within minutes, I felt a familiar nauseating s

She can't walk, but she can SWIM!

Tell and Sell Stories shared this incredible story about Evie who can't walk, but she can swim! We spoke to her mum Michelle Carr about Evie's diagnosis - brain damage caused by cytomegalovirus, and how she first took to the water, and got her story published in Woman's Own magazine. To look at my daughter Evie swimming, you’d think she was just like any other child her age. In fact, she has brain damage and it’s unlikely she will ever walk, but water gives her a whole new lease of life. So now I’m doing what I can to ensure this continues. I gazed at the pregnancy tests on the shelf, wondering which one to buy. I don’t suppose it matters, I thought. My husband Jonathan and I had been trying

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