We worked with the lovely Silvia and shared her unusual story about how she's mum to 35 babies... and counting! We placed it in Australia's That's Life magazine for her and secured her a generous fee. Silvia had her eldest daughter when she was 19, followed by her second daughter five years later. She really missed them being babies, but wasn’t going to have more children, so her girls had an idea… ‘I got my first reborn doll from my two daughters, Veronika, 23, and Sofia, 18. It was my 40th birthday when the doorbell rang and I opened the door to find a basket on the floor with a reborn. She was called Isabella and had a little card that said: ‘Will you take care of me?’ I fell in love with

Yes I'm fat, so what?!

We helped the gorgeous Fran share her story in the Daily Mail and then got it printed in Pick Me Up magazine for her. She has one clear message - to love yourself, no matter what size you are. We salute her! As a child, Fran Hayden was bullied for being overweight. She had curly hair and wore glasses and was mocked for the way she looked. She took the bullies' words to heart and convinced herself that every insult she was given was true. She beat herself up for eating too much and was trapped in a negative spiral of defeat as she put on more weight. Fast forward ten years and the marketing assistant from Brightlingsea, Essex, has come to realise that she can actually thrive in her own skin.

Botched boob job left me for DEAD

We were really happy to help Lianne. She travelled to Bangkok to have a boob job and ended up planning her own funeral. Tell and Sell placed her story in the Daily Mail to warn others of having cosmetic surgery overseas. When Lianne Young booked in for what should be a routine operation to replace her ten-year-old breast implants, she never imagined she would end up fighting for her life. Lianne was 27 when she first had breast implants. She’d already had a successful career as a world famous pornstar and had always been happy with her natural chest. But after having two children, her chest wasn’t as firm as it used to be. ‘As well as needing a bit of an uplift, my boyfriend at the time pref

Don't mention the C WORD!

Lorna was a pleasure to work with. She was so brave in sharing her story of how she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer shortly before her wedding. Tell and Sell Stories placed her story in Love It! magazine and thankfully she is now in remission. Lorna Skelly, 33, had just moved house and was hauling a bookcase into the living room when she doubled over with severe abdominal pain. She hoped pain relief and a hot water bottle would ease the discomfort, but when she woke in the middle of the night in agony her husband Iain, 36, rushed her to hospital. ‘Doctors thought it was my appendix or an ectopic pregnancy,’ she said. ‘I had my bloods taken, was X-rayed and admitted to a surgical ward. It w

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