An 'Arrow' Escape!

It was certainly a case of bullseye for bulldog Dolly! We shared owner Sarah's story about her pet pooch's lucky escape in the Sunday People newspaper. Mum-of-four Sarah, 41, and her family had always wanted a British bulldog, so they saved up £2,000 and bought one from a breeder. They fell head over heels with the ‘runt of the litter’ and named her Dolly. She was stubborn and lazy, but the Newcastle family adored him. Dolly would always follow their Labrador Sam around. Then one day, the two of them were outside when Sam started pawing the door and crying. Sarah just thought it was Sam wanting to come in and she let both dogs back inside. But straightaway, Sarah noticed Dolly had a small st

From rivals to BEST FRIENDS

Carol was devastated when the love of her life and father to her daughter walked out of her life. He had a baby with another woman, Shelley, but he promised their relationship was over. So Carol and Tony resumed their relationship, but all the while he was leading both women on… They came to Tell and Sell Stories to share their story, which we placed in Take a Break magazine. Have YOU got a love rat story to sell? Carol and Tony had been together for almost five years when he announced he wanted a baby. Overjoyed, Carol agreed but as soon as she fell pregnant, Tony seemed to lose interest. He didn’t turn up to the scans and even missed the birth of his daughter, Charlotte. It was a sign of w

Don't save me, save my baby...

We shared Indira's heartbreaking story in Woman magazine, That's Life magazine and on MailOnline because she wanted to raise awareness of the terrible disease, breast cancer. When Indira was diagnosed with breast cancer her thoughts turned to motherhood. She’d always wanted children but was told that chemo might prevent her having them. So she and her husband Martyn, 38, made the decision straightaway to freeze some embryos. After that, Indira had a mastectomy and reconstruction, before starting chemo. She was constantly sick and her hair fell out. But once it was over, Indira’s health improved. At the age of 35, Indira had IVF and was thrilled to become a mother to a little girl, Thilini. A

'How am I going to love her?'

When Leena gave birth to twins, she discovered one of them had Down's Syndrome. She wanted to give an honest account of how she felt at the time, her worries about motherhood, and ultimately how she wouldn't change her children for the world. We placed her story in That's Life magazine. Leena explains: "Sitting at home, my husband Amit hugged me. ‘It’s going to be OK,’ he reassured me. I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t know how it would be without the two babies we’d longed for. After three rounds of IVF, I’d found out I was expecting twins. We’d named them Amar and Esha and couldn’t wait to meet them. But at 26 weeks, I’d gone into premature labour and lost them both. Our world had crumbled in an

PARALYSED after giving birth...

After speaking to Fiona, we knew her story had to be shared to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. So we published her story on MailOnline and in That's Life magazine. When Fiona began suffering bad headaches and blurry vision at 18 weeks pregnant, she had no idea of the trauma that lay ahead. Thinking they were just normal symptoms of pregnancy, Fiona, from Orkney, Scotland, tried to carry on as usual. But when they got worse, she went to A&E. The hospital arranged for Miss Miller to travel by air ambulance to Aberdeen for an MRI scan. After a few standard tests, the consultant sat Fiona and her partner Graeme Bain, 35, down. ‘She told me that I had lesions on my brain,’ Fiona said. ‘I d

Easter bun-away!

Charlene came to Tell and Sell Stories wanting to give her pet rabbit Nibbles his 15 minutes of fame, and so that's what we gave him in Real People magazine! Charlene explains: ‘Nibbles is more like a dog than a rabbit. He often looks at me when I call his name and watches me inside the house from his hutch. He loves playing with my little boy and even likes to push a football around with his nose.’ ‘In 2015, a few days before Easter, the weather was really bad. ‘I woke up the next day to find Nibbles' cage door open – he was gone. I realised the wind had somehow opened my rabbit’s hutch in the night. 'Devastated, I looked around the garden but he was nowhere to be seen. I shouted his name a

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