'I spent £20k to look like Barbie'

Rachel Evans was depressed and having a breakdown when she decided there was only one way out - to overhaul her image and become a Barbie look-a-like. So far she has spent more than £20k on redesigning her face and doesn't plan to stop! We placed her story on MailOnline and shared how her addiction to Botox has made her a happy mum-of-one who has got rid of her old, gothic look and now only sends out positive vibes. She's also on the lookout for love - but it has to be a toyboy! Rachel is unrecognisable from photos taken years ago, and she's spent thousands of pounds making sure of it. She started re-designing her face after she suffered depression and had a breakdown – Rachel lost her son’s

'I threw a party for my BOOBS!'

Charlotte is a truly inspirational woman. After we placed her story about her battle with breast cancer in Take a Break, we got her a second appearance - this time in Essentials magazine. When Charlotte found a pea-sized lump in her right breast, she was told it was probably a cyst. Weeks later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Charlotte was distraught. There was a history of breast cancer in her family - four of her dad's cousins had been diagnosed - but she never thought it would happen to her. She'd been planning to start a family with her husband Paul and was terrified treatment would leave her infertile. So she opted to have a course of emergency IVF and six embryos frozen. Char

'We spent £200k on our twins' 16th!'

Tell and Sell Stories were thrilled to work with Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow again, this time to publish their story about how they spent more than £200k on their twins' sweet 16th! The gay dads spoke out in Closer magazine about how their twins deserved to be spoilt. In 1999, after a landmark ruling, the two dads hired two American women - surrogate mum Rosalind and egg donor Tracie - and the twins were born in California . Now, the teens live with Barrie (“Daddy”) and Tony (“Dad”) in their house hidden behind gates at the end of a lane in the Essex countryside. Within their land is a stable block and a pool, which the guests can make use of as the night draws on. Barrie says: “We were a

Mum gives birth in a COMA

Tell and Sell Stories were delighted to work with Louise and her mum Maggie to help share the story of how Louise had a stroke when she was pregnant and ended up giving birth in a coma. Thankfully Louise and her daughter are doing well now. We placed her story in Real People magazine, MailOnline and My Weekly magazine. She and Maggie were very happy to receive three press deals and that we were able to raise awareness of the Stroke Association. Louise’s pregnancy went smoothly until, at 37 weeks, her head began to throb and her body tingled. Doctors thought it was a trapped nerve. But then she lost control of her body and her face began to drop. Believing she was having a stroke, her mum Mag

'My Lyme Disease Hell'

Anita told Tell and Sell Stories all about the ordeal she went through when she was bitten by a mosquito and diagnosed with Lyme Disease. We thought it was a condition that the press needed to raise awareness about. We placed it in Pick Me Up magazine on their health page. Anita was really happy with the final article, knowing that by sharing her story she would be helping others in a similar situation. One morning there, Anita's partner spotted a mark under her knee. They thought it was a harmless bite but, as the mark began to expand across her skin, she went to a local pharmacist who told her it was an infection. Soon she developed typical symptoms of Lyme disease, including headaches, mu

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