The REAL Christmas miracles

Andrea approached Tell and Sell Stories wanting to share the story of her amazing twin babies Emme and Devyn. And she was just in time to take part in a Christmas miracle baby feature in The Sun. Heartbreakingly, the twins were left fighting for their lives after they were born prematurely in December 2014. It started when Andrea was 36 weeks pregnant and began bleeding heavily. One of her twin's placenta had ruptured so she was rushed to hospital where she had an emergency C-section. Emme, whose placenta had ruptured, was born first, quickly followed by her brother Devyn - who had to be put in an incubator and was given oxygen. Thankfully, just days later they were all allowed home. They en

Cheated on at CHRISTMAS

When Frani wanted to set the record straight about her cheating ex, Tell and Sell Stories were more than happy to help. We chatted to her before quickly securing her a deal in That's Life magazine... Frani met Kieron online and it wasn't long before she fell head over heels for his charms. But after a smooth start to their relationship, Frani received a message... Hi Frani, did you know Kieron is shagging his way around the town? Gobsmacked, Frani confronted Kieron who claimed the woman was just jealous and lying. He even suggested they get married to prove how much he loved her. Frani came round and agreed. And soon it was their wedding day. But in the morning, before they walked down the a

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