Back pain? You've got it because your friends hate you!

If you went to see Sophia for a massage, she'd be able to tell you what kind of emotional baggage you carry - just from looking at your back. She is known as the Muscle Whisperer and her revolutionary LT therapy can ease your aches, pains and stresses, all by getting to the root of the problem. We placed a feature about her in the Femail section of national newspaper the Daily Mail, securing her fantastic promotion for her business. Sophia's natural treatment brings together Eastern and Western medicine and unlocks pain in the neck, shoulders and back created by stress and emotional events. I spoke to some of her patients myself and they hailed her as a miracle worker, changing their lives f

Being SHORT has killed my SEX LIFE

David Arnold got in touch with Tell and Sell Stories because he wanted to give an honest account about how his height has affected his life and relationships. We got him a deal in national newspaper, The Sun. At 5ft 1in, David has found that his height is affecting his chances of finding love. So far, he’s been unsuccessful when it comes to women, but he is hoping to find the right person and settle down soon. He says: ‘It’s hard to pinpoint the first time my height became an issue. I think it started when I was 15 or 16. During those teenage years, I began to notice girls more, but I soon discovered they could be quite cruel. If I expressed an interest in someone they would tell me, “you’re

The birthday present I DIDN'T WANT

Michelle was keen to warn women everywhere that when it comes to breast cancer, it's not just lumps to look out for. In her case, it was dimpling on her breast, which she found on her 50th birthday. The reason Michelle wanted to share her story was to raise awareness and to urge other women to look out for other symptoms like hers, so we found the perfect place for her to do so - in Woman magazine. Here's her story: At my age, looking in the mirror isn’t something I like to do anymore. Rather than hang around, I prefer to nip out of the shower, dry off quickly and slip straight into my clothes. Little did I know that the one time I did things differently, it would save my life. It all starte

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