Tell and Sell Stories spoke to three women who, when pregnant, went to nesting EXTREMES! Most women become house proud when expecting a little one, but Samantha, Laura and Lisa scrubbed the floors over and over, bleached the toilets several times a day and one of them even got rid of their dogs because she thought they were too dirty! We secured all three of them a deal with the Daily Mail, in the weekly Femail magazine. They each shared a very honest account about their obsessive behaviour in their homes in the nine months leading up to meeting their new arrivals. Here are their stories: For the fifth time that day, heavily pregnant Samantha Winterburn got down on her hands and knees and st

'But that's NOT my child!'

When Becki told Tell and Sell Stories she had a very important point to prove, we were keen to help her the best way we could. And to help her set the record straight, we got her story published in Take a Break, the UK's biggest selling women's weekly magazine, meaning she reached hundreds of thousands of readers. It all started when she fell pregnant, after her husband had undergone a vasectomy... Becki's pregnancy test was positive but she had no idea how it could be. After all, her husband Carl had had a vasectomy, meaning he could no longer produce sperm. She was baffled and so was Carl. They decided perhaps it was a fluke of nature. The procedure was 99% effective, but what if they were

My partner was killed while I was pregnant

Sally-Ann came to Tell and Sell Stories wanting to share her story as a tribute to her partner Ron, who died when she was pregnant - just two days after their baby scan. She wanted to appear in a women's magazine rather than a newspaper, so I secured her a deal with Woman's Own magazine. After the story had been published, she told me she was really glad she had gone through the process and that I had made it an easy and enjoyable one. Originally, Sally-Ann never wanted to be a mum. Working as a successful business woman, it simply wasn't on her agenda. Her partner Ron already had three children and told Sally-Ann: 'There's no love like it.' But still, she was adamant motherhood wasn't for h

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