How much money can I make for my story?

How much money you'll make from selling your story really depends on what your story entails, what the media are looking for at the time, and what how big they invisage it to be in their publication.

One magazine or newspaper might see it as part of a bigger feature, another might want it as a double-paged spread, or even put it on their front cover.

Tell and Sell Stories knows how to showcase your story in the best way possible and will put it under the noses of features and commissioning editors in LOTS of outlets within the media - getting you the BEST DEAL. In some cases, your story could earn you £2000 or more!

When will I be paid for my story?

When selling a story to the press, most newspapers and magazines will pay you as soon as your story has been printed and has gone on sale.

This is to ensure that you provide the details and/or photos required for the publication to publish your story, and to ensure you don't appear in any other newspapers or magazines, or on TV, before the exclusivity agreement is over. 


Do I have to be named and pictured in my story?

You might be wondering if you can tell your story anonymously. In many stories, you need to have your name included in the feature along with photos of yourself and of others involved in your story.

However, there are cases where you might be able to remain anonymous, particularly with stories that have legal issues or those that cover a very sensitive topic.

If not being identified is a dealbreaker for you, just be sure to tell us when you fill out the Tell and Sell Stories form, or mention it when we contact you.

Do I have to write my own story or do you write it for me?

You don't have to write your own story, you just need to write out the main parts.

When you fill in the form online, try and summarise your story into chunks. How does it begin? What happens next? Who is involved? How does it end? How long ago did it happen?

If your story is one that could be published in the national press, we will be in touch to find out more. Then we will do the hard work for you and write your story up in full. Phew.

Will I see my story before it's printed?

When we send your story to the newspapers, magazines or whichever publication it fits best, we request that the writers there read the edited or amended version back to you over the phone.

This means no nasty surprises when you see the final product sitting on the shelf in your local newsagent or supermarket.

You can be 100% happy with it and proudly show off your story to your family and friends.


What will happen after my story has been published?

It's up to you how long you remain working with Tell and Sell Stories for after your story has been published.

You might want to appear on TV programmes such as Good Morning Britain or This Morning, which we can often arrange for you.

There is also the possibility of getting you a book deal. Some stories are difficult to fit onto a double-paged spread in a newspaper or magazine, and are often better when published as a book. If this is the case, Tell and Sell Stories can help this happen for you.

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