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If you have a true life story you want to share, I'll do the hard work for you. I will speak to editors to find out whether they can publish your story in a national newspaper and / or magazine and if so, how much money you can get for it.


Simply fill in the SELL MY STORY contact form or email to get a FREE no-obligation valuation.

You could earn up to £2,000 for your story! 


Tell and Sell Stories will get you the BEST DEAL. 


You'll receive a personal one-on-one service and will be looked after throughout the whole process.

You have nothing to lose, so get in touch TODAY!

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Elysia Downings Now Magazine
Mirror_ Elysia Downings
Woman: Quintuplets
The Sun: Hospitalised By Work Stress
Take a Break: Love Rat
The Sun: Hairdresser Hell
Woman: Baby had a STROKE
Sunday People: Refusing Chemo
That's Life: Quintuplets
New magazine Anorexia Lauren
That's Life: Not Ready to Die
Take 5: Sister Killed
That's Life: Faked Pregnancy
Baby Gave Me Sex Phobia
Take a Break: Exposed Rapist Dad
That's Life: Hens' party BETRAYAL
PND Mum Admitted
Bella: Pregnancy Sickness
Take a Break: I want you to cheat!
Take a Break: Love Rat
The Sun: MADD
That's Life: Surprise Baby
That's Life: Mum to 35 BABIES!
The Sun: Life's fab with gay dads



If you're thinking of selling a story, we can quickly tell you whether it could earn you money. And Tell and Sell Stories will get you the MOST CASH!


With Tell and Sell Stories, you're in good hands - we are professionally trained journalists (NCTJ qualified). Trust us, we know our stuff!


Grab a cuppa and write up the main parts of your story in our online form - then we'll get in touch with you to talk about what happens next.


  • Tell and Sell Stories will never forget it's YOUR story and it will be told in your own words

  • You are the most important person in the process and you will be looked after from start to finish

  • Tell and Sell Stories will act like an agent, helping you and your story get maximum exposure within the media, including national newspapers, magazines and television - if this is what you want

  • Because it's your story, we will involve you in every stage and allow you to decide what happens next

  • There is no obligation to go ahead if you don't want to

  • Your story can be about anything that has happened to you. Maybe you lost weight and want to inspire others, have a love rat story to sell, lost a loved one and want to share your story as a tribute, or maybe you want to raise awareness. Whatever it is, fill in the sell my story form and we'll value your story for you.


  • Your story appear could in a newspaper, magazine and on TV, or it could even be turned into a book!

  • Newspapers that might buy your story include The Sun, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail, MailOnline, Daily Star, Femail, Daily Express, Sunday Express, The People, Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Independent

  • Magazines that might buy your story include Take a Break, That's Life, Chat, Pick Me Up!, Real People, Love it!, Reveal, New!, Closer, NOW, Star, Look, Best, Bella, Woman, Woman's Own, Women's Health, Grazia, heat, Glamour, Marie Claire, Woman's Weekly, OK!, Hello, Cosmopolitan, Yours, Red, Good Housekeeping, Prima, Fate and Fortune and Take a Break Specials. 

  • You could appear on daytime TV programmes, including Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, Loose Women, and even meet Phil and Holly on This Morning!

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PND Mum Admitted